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Wells Farm Supplies Limited has established itself over a number of years to provide you with a progressive, competitive and reliable service. We are based within an hour of London on the Marquess of Abergavenny's estate, which is reputed to be the oldest enclosed deer park in England.

The quality of produce delivered to you will always be of the highest standard. This is ensured with our modern production plant and new refrigerated distribution vehicles that are constantly monitored to ensure that quality and traceability is maintained at all times.

We serve many clients just like you and are proud to be associated with many prestigious hotels, clubs, restaurants and catering chains. With our reputation as a supplier of prime Red Hereford beef, and locally produced lamb and pork, together with game and venison from the estate, you will only be supplied the highest quality meat.

We work hard to adhere to your individual specifications, strict process control, personal contact and prompt service, all key areas to ensure that you, the client are happy with our service at all times.


We buy from Local Farms that not only give ‘Provenance’ but also reduce the Carbon Footprint as it is no more than 50 miles from farm to plate...

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